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Getting instant for your car has never been easier. Auto Buyers Group wants to pay you solid cash money for your used car despite any flaws or conditions. Our sophisticated algorithm combs the most networks throughout the country and retrieves the highest amounts possible for your vehicle.

We let you know the most your car can fetch on today’s market. We can get you all this information in only a couple minutes with a few questions about the car you want to sell. From there you will see the instant quote. Take the offer or leave it. The decision is entirely up to you. ABG is standing by for you when you are ready to sell. There is no need for negotiation tactics as we only facilitate the logistics of this monetary offer. We can complete the entire process in the same day with our in-house DMV office.

If you have any payments remaining on the vehicle we can transfer those as well and pay them off entire from the sum. Schedule a pick up appointment when and where it is convenient for you. We’ll pay you with a ready to cash check for the full amount and tow your car from Ritz or Bergen County, NJ. You will have nothing left to worry about as to the responsibility for the vehicle and can spend your money as you wish. This can all happen in a single day, freeing you up for the better things in life than selling your car. Auto Buyers Group New Jersey is the easiest way to sell your car for cash the same day!

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