5 Tips to Salvage Max Value from Selling Used Cars for Cash in NJ

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So you are in the researching process of buying a new car and came across some good deals. However, you need to first sell out your existing car to make space in the garage for the new ride and also to get some cold, hard cash for its upfront payment. You need to carefully look into selling car for cash in NJ because there are a lot of ways you can bag those thousands of dollars you would otherwise lose in going for options like trading-in your car or selling it to a dealership without surveying the market. 

Tips for Getting the Best Value for Your Car

Here are some great tips you can consider when selling car for cash in NJ:

1. Go to Several Dealers

The best way to learn about the true value of your current car is to survey the market. This means that you must check out multiple dealerships in different areas to get an approximate price, for which you should sell your car for cash in NJ. Some might offer a lowball price, but others might give a much better deal to you. We recommend checking out at least 3-5 dealerships before setting the price and finally selling the car.

2. Pay a Visit to Your Old Dealer

You might have bought your current car from a dealership and gotten it serviced multiple times from there as well. They may be your best bet and will provide you with the most accurate price to sell car for cash in NJ because they know it inside out. So do give that dealership a visit and get it evaluated.

3. Do Pay Attention to its Interior and Exterior

You may have heard about cleaning and polishing your car and restoring the look and feel of its interior many times, but it cannot be emphasized enough. This is because it sets the first impression on the buyer, especially when you are selling it privately, and gives you room for negotiating for a better price. 

4. Maintenance Records

Based on the number of years you have had your car, you should have a properly documented history for maintenance and repairs. This allows you to show to the prospective buyer that you have taken care of your car well and it is in good running condition, allowing you to ask for a better price. 

5. Give AutoBuyers Group a Shot!

After you have gone through all these steps, you should try using the services of platforms that buy cars for cash instantly. While you can have your car evaluated and bought in a  day using these services, we recommend doing your research to know that platforms, like AutoBuyers Group, offer the best price and take the hassle out of the car selling equation, allowing you to easily get cash for cars in Philadelphia or anywhere in NJ.

Want to save yourself from the hassle of going through the whole car selling process? You should consider opting for the services of auto buyers that give instant cash for cars. Contact us now for more information.

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