Things to Do Before Selling your Car in New Jersey

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So you’ve decided to upgrade your wheels – great! However, to make up for the lack of cash, you ought to sell off your current car. Whether you are going for a used or new car, you should consider putting in the effort to make your old car more appealing to the prospective buyers to get the best price. Aside from the absolute essentials before you sell car for cash in NJ, like cleaning your car, putting up an ad, where to publish that ad, and getting it checked by your mechanic for nifty faults, here are a few other things that you must do:

1.    Get Your Paperwork in Order

When you own a car, you must have the paperwork that serves as proof for its ownership. Most people have these documents secured in their files, but if you don’t know where it is, there is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is head to your local DMV and request a copy of the car title or pink slip.

Another thing to keep in mind that if you still owe some amount of money on your current car, you must have the exact remaining payoff amount in order for the buyer to write a check for the back to clear the tab.

Here is the list of all the documents you will probably need before you get cash for your car in Newark, NJ or any other city around:

  • A bill of sale
  • A source of funds
  • A vehicle record
  • Notice of sale or transfer
  • Transfer of title

2.    Take Good Pictures of Your Car

To get fast cash for your car in NJ, you need to show potential buyers a glimpse of your car through pictures before they can decide to contact you for further details. The thing is, you don’t need to simply take pictures – you must take great photos with good lighting, covering different angles to provide an overall view of your car. Otherwise, it may look dull and unappealing, putting off many potential buyers. Make sure you cover both the interior and exterior of your car.

Here are some parts that you should focus on:

  • Center console
  • Dashboard
  • Door panels
  • Driver’s side view area
  • Front seats
  • Passenger Seats
  • Passenger side, both right and left
  • Rims and tires
  • Steering wheel
  • The backside along with the trunk
  • The front side
  • Trunk space

3.    Create a Contract for the Deal

It would make sense to ensure that there are no misunderstandings whatsoever during the deal, and therefore, you should draw up a contract to avoid such occurrence.

Note that doing so is not mandatory. Here some important points to cover in the contract:

  • Any problems with the car
  • Any repairs that would soon be needed
  • Details about handing over possession
  • The contact details of the buyer
  • Your car’s year, make, model, and serial number
  • The price
  • Whether the buyer has had the car inspected
  • Details about any past accidents

Once you have everything in order, you must opt for the most reliable and hassle-free way to get fast cash for car in NJ. You should look into auto buyers that boast about “We Buy Any Car for Cash” to get the best price for your car. Contact us now for more information.

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